Upgrade to world-class energy isolation management software without the extra effort.

Isolate systems or pieces of equipment confidently with clear instructions every step of the way, a robust verification system, and real-time notifications.

Opslock Energy Isolation Management

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Easily create interactive isolation plans that best fit the needs of your business from any device.

Facilitate the understanding, adherence, and autonomy of your employees.

Create comprehensive isolation plans.

Each step of the plan identifies the type of energy being isolated (Chemical, Electrical, Gravitational, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Radiation, Thermal) and helps capture relevant information.

Add an identifying label to each isolation.

Ensure that those installing or removing an isolation know for certain that they are at the right location.

Add reference photos & documents.

Help employees quickly identify the isolation point.

interactive isolation plans
powerful isolation management

Powerful isolation management and lockout tagout software features.

Record isolations independently or automatically generate & connect them to your tasks.

Isolate items on-the-fly.

Add an isolation as a control during our Predictive Risk Assessment process. If there is no isolation plan, you can create one simultaneously as you isolate the system or piece of equipment.

Add verification pictures.

Get peace of mind knowing that each isolation step is completed correctly. Each worker has the option of adding a photo of their isolation, but you can make this a requirement in the settings.

Get real-time notifications.

All stakeholders involved in the task or isolation are alerted when isolations are being installed or removed, can interact with one another in the integrated comments section, and can view verification photos of the isolation on any device.


Our dynamic LOTO and isolations are planned, applied, and managed through an extensive library that evolves with your business.

Save time by compiling all data from each isolation in one place and learn from each one.

  • View and edit all active isolations & plans

  • Track the isolation history of each item

  • Clone lockout tagout procedures

Opslock dynamic loto & isolations

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Make better decisions.

Predictive Risk Assessments

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Permit to Work Software

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Incident & Near Miss Management

Close the feedback loop.

Workplace Observations

Digitize your LOTO & isolation management procedures.