Take a dynamic approach to safety with predictive risk assessment software.

Manage all company risks in one place to ensure more measured, consistent, and efficient responses, increasing workplace safety across the entire organization.

Opslock occupational safety risk assessments

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Easily create risk assessments from any device in minutes.

For every task created, everyone can accurately identify the risks and select the best control measures.

  • Easily select the activities, hazards, and controls related to a task from your organization’s database

  • Required and recommended controls will appear in the list based on the database your company controls

  • The system will automatically calculate the 5x5 risk assessment for the residual risk

opslock risk assessments
Opslock risk management

Standardize your approach to risk management to ensure risks are mitigated with corporate standards.

Save time by creating a connected activities, hazards, and controls library.


Add and verify activities in the database and link them to related hazards.


Track how many times each verified hazard has been reported, indicate the impact of each hazard, and add the required & suggested controls for each.


Our platform divides controls into 3 different sections: behaviours, permits to work, and isolations.

  • Add and verify behaviours in the database
  • Create and edit permits to work in the company settings
  • Create and edit isolation plans

Workplace risk is dynamic. Paperwork is static.

Use procedures built to fit the realities of your team’s working life.

The potential & residual risk values are just a guide.

Keep workers engaged by allowing them to edit the residual risk value if they think all the right controls have been selected.

Create new activities, hazards & behaviours.

Add new options to each category, including unplanned isolations (you’ll be able to create them on the go instead!)

Save time by cloning tasks for similar jobs.

When cloning tasks for similar jobs, the completed risk assessment and control documents will be carried over to the new task.

Get useful insights and timely notifications.

Make the right people aware of high-risk tasks or emerging risks with real-time notifications, integrated comments, and exportable reports.

Opslock risk assessment insights

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