Close the feedback loop with simple, digital workplace observations.

Don't waste time submitting, collecting, and processing disconnected feedback. Start receiving meaningful workplace observations that you can act on.

opslock workplace safety observations

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Submit key information to leadership, fast.

Frontline workers can easily report safety or quality concerns, or suggest improvements in 10 seconds or less, enabling them to collect the information you need to ensure the safest work environment.

Initiate an observation by taking a photo

Sketch on images

Indicate if the observation was immediately resolved

Track if work was stopped

Notify management of impacts

Allow your team to submit damage, injury, production impact, environmental impact, and security threat reports.

Submit observations quickly
Observation feedback

Rate the quality of observations, providing valuable feedback to the submitter.

By enabling management to give a helpfulness rating for each observation, staff will learn which types of observations you can act on. Improve workplace safety and make your workers feel valued knowing that their submissions are actionable.


Incentivize healthy competition and make the right decisions about risk.

Track the direct impact of observations.

  • Each worker can track their safety score, a combination of helpful observations and the number submitted relative to their colleagues
  • Management can see how their team’s score compares to other teams

Understand what is happening on the frontlines.

  • Review instant analytic reports
  • Export insight data

Close the feedback loop.

  • Get instant notifications when actions are required and communicate in real-time with your team in the integrated comment section
  • Connect observations with known hazards to unlock insights into the risks at each worksite
  • Create and assign mitigating tasks in response to an observation
  • Start incident or near miss investigations when impacts are recorded
  • Close observations
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